Sunday, August 24, 2008

Something truly awful like....David Caruso

CSI non-Miami is soooo much better!

But then again, it might just be David Caruso. He gets on my nerves, big-time. He's so... pretentious. Does he actually do any work on that show, or just wander around or cracking a lame one-liner?
David Caruso did this and that film. Got on a big TV show. Thought he was the next big thing when it turned out he was just the male Shelly Long. He did nothing for a while and then jumped on the CSI bandwagon.
Do you think, if they hired William Shatner and David Caruso for a project, they could get by with half the dialogue? Do you think, if we put stupid sunglasses on William Shatner, we could get by without David Caruso? ... LOL- Great idea!


Quote of the day - And that's without even getting started on David Caruso, not so much an actor as a shrivelled orange bag of camera-grabbing mannerisms and tics in a suit. ( )

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