Sunday, August 24, 2008

David Caruso's little poem

Little children are taught to pray before the go to sleep. The one or other performer prays for a good performance before he goes on stage. What does our favourite butt-boy David Caruso do?
He says the following little poem before every scene to reassure himself that he isn't that huge a douchebag (like everybody says) after all :

Now, I'm... going to... look

and say something pithy......

that I think is witty...

but will...


just make me sound...


And ginger.puts on sunglasses

Now...puts hands on hips and swivels

stares down at Jimmy Smits' dead body

let's see you...

have a better comeback!
Quote of the day - .....Yes, the Gingerman is a bad actor, but at least he makes the show (unintentionally) funny....(

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