Tuesday, August 5, 2008

David Caruso - The ego, the posturing, the poses!

Another very fine example about how David Caruso´s noticeable decline of "acting talent" angers/annoys/puzzles the viewer....

Today's rant is about tv in general and David Caruso in particular. How he has managed to morph into this posturing poser and still remain a "star".
What happened to the guy from Hudson Hawk, which was a really really bad movie that I just so happen to like.
I really like intense, well written dramatic shows. Not the supposed reality ones, of which there is an abundance and in which there is precious little reality. The soap opera types also do not hold my interest.
When CSI, first came on, I was intrigued. It was smartly written, fast paced and used unique camera techniques never seen in tvland. In Hollywood, as soon as one show becomes a hit, out came the clones.
First CSI Miami, then CSI New York.
I knew CSIM was trouble as soon as I read who would be starring in it. Having been a long time fan of NYPD Blue, I was very familiar with Mr. David Caruso and his acting/posing. He was great when he first started, then he began to devolve. There were the rumors in the entertainment biz of his erratic behavior. It became apparent that he was spinning out of control. It was such a relief to see him finally sail off into the sunset.
Imagine my complete surprise when the new CSI Miami announced that they were using sir David Caruso as the lead and that Kim Delaney would be co-starring, a NYPDB ex-star as well. It was discussed in my house as to whether we would even give the show a look-see.
Ms. Delaney was a proven good actor. The other was proven not to be. Curiosity won out. The first viewing was a surprise. Here was a show that was stylish and beautifully shot. Bets were taken on how long Ms. K.D. would last, I voted for three months, others thought only a few shows. Within weeks, she departed amidst gossip of on set disagreements with; you guessed it. Mr. David Caruso.
The show was certainly shot for the visual eye candy. The vibrant colors and the overall lush tones lends to the impression of being in the tropics. Hot, saturated greens and blues dominate. You want Miami to look like this. Feel like this.
Why I have singled out CSI:Miami is strictly due to David Caruso. The ego, the posturing, the poses. Every single shot of him, he must make his stand. First he turns sideways. Now I don't know why he does that, it isn't flattering, he is way to skinny for that. Then follows the close up of him removing his sunglasses, always an upshot from a lowered camera. This is sure to be followed by him uttering some heinous one-liner in his inimitable pontificating and pompous style. The taking off and putting on of these glasses seem to be one of his strange mannerisms that ends up becoming off putting as is his line delivery.
Could he be more wooden?
Stand sideways, no matter what, speak very slowly, and remove his glasses. He is such a gigantic putz. I fail to see the attraction. And can he say his lines any softer? Does he not know how to project?
CSI:Miami sucks because of him. The rest of it is ok, though predictable and very light on the forensics. It is because of him that CSI:Miami is a show of cartoon characters, unbelievable plots and predictable outcomes. He never allows any other character to come to life for fear that it will detract from the focus of the show, which is David Caruso..
Quote of the day - David Caruso in all his cheesy, sunglass-wielding glory....(http://born-stubborn.livejournal.com/386837.html)

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