Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Stupid David Caruso!

People make fun of people all the time.
Makeing fun of people is fun.
Especially if the people you make fun of are famous people - like Dick Cheney or DAVID CARUSO....

....Can you imagine being that first guy to walk up and see that the vice president had shot someone?
My first thought would be: "I'm going to be in a TV movie."Well, at least a character based on me would be in one. But I'd probably be disappointed with the actor they got to play me.
They'd probably get like David Caruso to play me and he'd spend the whole movie putting on and taking off his stupid sunglasses like on CSI: Miami.
When it finally premiered, I'd be standing on the couch shouting, "I don't even wear sunglasses, stupid David Caruso! God! Do some character research!".....
Quote of the day - I won't switch to CSI: Miami (David Caruso creeps me out)...(http://shooger-punka.livejournal.com/2344.html)

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