Saturday, August 2, 2008

David Caruso - Polling our readers!

Now and then we like to do check our popular polls just to know what is going on. Here we give you a short update on what happened so far:

MAKING FUN OF DAVID CARUSO IS....votes so far: 56( When we started this poll there was an overwhelming majority of people who voted for "leave the man alone". However, within the last days we have seen a noteable change. Opinions shift away from "leave the man alone" to "we don´t care about David Caruso". Interesting to say at least

THE SPOT GRACING DAVID CARUSO´S NECK IS....votes so far: 40( of this poll still is (and always was) ...A HICKEY! Interesting to see that a certain percentage of people think the spot is grime. ell, considering the tacky individual he is/was dating at the time the picture was taken it is possible...Closing date: August 12, 2008

DAVID CARUSO´S NEW ARMCANDY BACKGROUND EXTRA AMINA ISLAM ALLEGEDLY HAS SOME ACTING TALENT. WHAT WOULD BE THE RIGHT PART/ROLE FOR HER????...votes so far: 22 ( A certain amunt of people think Amina Islams "talents" will be just enough to play "a tacky-two-dollar whore". The other two options offered by us are widley ignored....LOL. Closing date: September 08, 2008.

WHOM WOULD YOU FUCK, MARRY OR KILL? CSI EDITION! OUR SUGGESTIONS:..votes so far: 9 ( We are fully aware that this is a tricky poll with tricky options. The leader clearly is "kill David Caruso" . LOL. Who doesn´t want to off David Caruso???? LOL. Most people want to fuck Sinise and marry Petersen...congrats! Great choices! Closing date: September 20, 2008.

As you clearly can see, our readers comprehend of a wide spectrum of age and opinions.... we like it!

Quote of the day....except for David Caruso, who needs a punch in the face...(

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