Sunday, August 17, 2008

David Caruso - I do hate other redheads!

...caught it and it was laughably bad. I don't regularly watch CSI:Miami, so I'm not sure if all the episodes are this poorly written, or if David Caruso is always this pompous, but it really did suck.
Um, okay.
I'm pretty sure I've never mentioned this.....I mean, I don't find red-headed MEN particularly attractive....and I DO hate David Caruso....May his pubic area be infested w/ the fleas of a thousand camels! (I guess it already is given the number of woman he has dated in the last few months!!!)
Hmm....I guess I DO hate other redheads. But, only him.
Grr. David Caruso. Grr!!
Quote of the day - David Caruso CSI Miami, yikes he sucks...(

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