Friday, August 1, 2008

I´m David Caruso and I like my sunglasses A LOT

Hello. You might know me from the television show CSI. I like my sunglasses. A LOT. This is my signature move.

Drive by………Miami style.
Don’t you just want to push him off that bridge he’s standing on in the first scene?
I didn’t know we weren’t the only people in the whole wild world that made fun of him. I need to borrow his sunglasses just so I can look at that picture and not be blinded by the white-ness of his hands.
Do you also notice that everything he says sounds the same?
It’s like he has an omni-intonation for everything, whether he’s ordering a hamburger or chasing a killer.
I’m not sure what annoyed me more….David Caruso or that sound bite they kept playing. It made me wanna punch SOMEONE, ANYONE in the face….
I HATE THAT GUY! he is such an over-actor! loser.
Quote of the day - ....So, I guess it comes down to which David I want to watch “act,” Caruso or Hasselhoff (

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