Tuesday, August 12, 2008

David Caruso and Romero Britto - TWO trashy guys

What do untalented piece of crap David Caruso and so-called Brazilian artist Romero Britto have in common???
Easy - BOTH are extremely TRASHY.
....Brazilian artist Romero Britto was trendy in the late 80’s but never quite went away, and now he’s unleashed yet more colorful sculpture on an unsuspecting Miami.
His latest sculptures were recently unveiled at Miami’s “Grapeland” water-park, which actually makes sense since the park is mostly frequented by kids. What boggles our mind is that Britto is also wildly popular among art collectors, some of the more famous being Eileen Guggenheim and Michael Jackson. Describing his art is sort of like trying to describe what a 5-year-old’s acid trip would look like.....

Quote: ....I don’t want to bring negativity to my work. I only want to show the positive side of life, beautiful colors and shapes that can bring happiness to the people....”

Just like Jacko brings happiness to the little boys! It all makes sense now....OR????

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