Saturday, August 23, 2008

David Caruso - Talk by the watercooler

...I think for every Clooney, there are like four or five Carusos. Of course, there is the qualitative difference that George Clooney is awesome, and David Caruso sucks.
Caruso's high on my list for "most unintentionally funny actors on television".
Count the words - you will never SEE him utter more than 10 consecutive words. Any further dialogue will be in VO or shot from another angle. He must simply be fed the line -
Because it's ALL about the angle of the hips and the sunglasses - sunglasses on, sunglasses off.
I don't watch CSI Miami either, and I still feel like a whole person. And I barely know who David Caruso is, aside from people making fun of him for being David Caruso.
Caruso's gotta at least stop dieing his hair. His wrinkles are giving away his age. I always feel sorry for him. He looks like he's trying soooo hard to exude handsome coolness and he is so far from managing it.....


Quote of the day - .....David Caruso has a moment that is so high on the unintentional comedy scale it's ridiculous...(

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