Monday, August 4, 2008

David Caruso is the bad joke of CSI Miami

David Caruso should have stayed the bit actor in First Blood and Officer and a Gentlemen.It was a mistake to cast him for CSI Miami. He is a combination of Howdy Doody and a really bad, bad actor trying to impersonate Clint Eastwood's tough guy attitude! (I don't think I said "bad" enough there!)
The CSI shows are the best, all of them EXCEPT CSI Miami because Caruso ruins the show just by being on it...
I cannot believe that ANYONE actually thinks he can act. Howdy Doody might actually do a better job! I saw him get shot in the last episode, I'm hoping he is gone forever, but I know only the good die young AND CARUSO IS LIGHT YEARS AWAY FROM BEING A GOOD ACTOR! My pug would be more believable in the role of Horatio Cane and he's also better looking than Caruso!!!
David Caruso is the bad joke of CSI Miami.
Quote of the day - David Caruso is too aloof (does he ever look at the actors he's addressing?(

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