Tuesday, August 19, 2008

David Caruso caught with newest lover!

This is an article published by an Hungarian newsservice called "storyonline". The story is well written and ads one or two nice bites to what is already known about the new pairing David Caruso/Vivca Fox.
We used a Hungarian Translationservice. (http://www.webforditas.hu/index.php) for the original article please go to: (http://www.storyonline.hu/?cid=10056)


....CSI Miami star caught out with his latest girlfriend. David Caruso dates charming "Kill Bill" hitman.
David Caruso and Vivica Fox where seen together recently,who already a time of his together mention, a source related that Los Angeles saw the pair one though now in one of the trend restaurants to sit around hiding. The eyewitness was an ear-witness in one, heard that David was whispering it supposedly Vivia, how likes it how much rap music.
What kind of future waits for them how?
Even a prophetess is not needed for this! Caruso marries it certainly, since the marriage did not mean trouble to him till now: he got married trice already, and was just divorcing this many times away. David's ill nature played a role in the breaking up according to the gossips. The series actor sees the world, which his drinking problems agrgravate only, most darkly, according to neighbourhood aquaintances - it's claimed, there's not a woman, who let him tolerate the man on long distance.
Till when does Vivica stand by it? The ladies last action, with which she got to front pages, was an oral video fixing joys provided by it...
Quote of the day-Other than a short fat David Caruso, how is A&E HD (when working).......(http://newsgroups.derkeiler.com/Archive/Rec/rec.arts.tv/2007-09/msg01463.html)

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