Friday, August 15, 2008

David Caruso - Don't you just hate...

...I also hate David Caruso on CSI:Miami! Does he have to talk like that ALL THE TIME?! Why, yes he does Miss or Mr. so and so, because he thinks that he's the greatest actor in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!! Some one needs to shoot him and get him off the show!!!!
I'm glad someone else can't stand him either. Every time the man talks he cocks his head to look at people through the corner of his eyes. That drives me nuts! CSI: Miami would be better off without him. ....maybe we should start a petition to get him thrown off of CSI: Miami. ....
I can't stand CSI Miami due to Caruso. He was great in Blue, but HORRIBLE in Miami. He's not like Gorren on CI either. Gorren is a great character
Yikes--who ever thought that the man could act, anyway?
Quote of the day.."I only watched two episodes of the Miami version of CSI and that was more than enough David Caruso (way too pompous)" ....(

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