Thursday, August 14, 2008

David Caruso - Oddly noticable tics

The following is a very good summary of David Caruso and WHY he is CSI Miamis biggest problem....

THERE are times when crit-icism is meaningless (shut up at the back, I'm talking specifics here). David Caruso's performance in CSI Miami is such a case, that it's beyond any petty distinctions like "good" or "absolutely abominably awful" in having evolved into an art form in itself.I believe that at one time, when he made his name in NYPD Blue, Caruso was thought of as a reasonable actor.
He was pretty good in King Of New York, he played Broadway – so he must, one presumes, have been able to create realistic characters. But perhaps when his movie career failed to take off, something happened, something as mysterious as the crimes on CSI, but with a lot less microscopic evidence.
For now Caruso is a parody of a satire of a stereotype of himself as Horatio Caine, not so much speaking his dialogue as letting it escape. And what dialogue it is, too: his now-traditional cheesy one-liner just before the credits last night, in the first of the sixth series, is typical.
But it's the facial expressions which really sell it.
He has a range of oddly noticeable tics: smirking, licking his lips, nodding sagely, narrowing his eyes, and all this between every sentence. Sometimes between every word. It's strangely fascinating, but absolutely nothing like the way any-one actually talks – at least, it may be, but it's not like how people talk on television.
David Caruso seems to be drawing inspiration from the silent movies.
The other characters in the CSI team have a thankless task, being less mannered but completely overshadowed. They pottered in and out delivering their lines with as much bland sincerity as possible, yet unless Caruso is in the picture, it's very hard to care.....
Quote of the day -The glossiest and most consistently bonkers of the CSI franchise gets season six off to a typically nutty start as David Caruso finds out...

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