Saturday, August 16, 2008

David Caruso - Not good enough

Great article and great summary of David Caruso's career - or what's left of it...

....There's a difference between reaching for the stars -- which we all should do; we should all be trying to be the best possible version of ourselves we can be -- and reaching the stars, then deciding that you should have all along been reaching for the planets. Striving for success is good; achieving success and then tossing it away as not good enough is spoiled behavior and destructive.
I've picked The Best Career An Actor Has Had After Quitting Something That The Actor Should Not Have Quit.
The career that is celebrated today in this category is...David Caruso's.
Here's David Caruso's acting career in a nutshell: Become successful on TV cop show. Decide that's not good enough. Fail at other stuff. Become successful on TV cop show.That, readers, is the ideal career arc for this nomination, because it shows what I'm talking about: Success can be good enough. It is enough, in our lives, to achieve one success; so many people never do that, so many people never realize even one dream of theirs, that it seems wasteful to be a person who did reach their goal, and then just throw it away like a disposable Cracker Jack prize. When you've dug down through that box past the peanuts and popcorn to grab the prize, hang onto it for a while!....
Or you are going to waste the next ten years of your life agonizing about what a fool one has been...RIGHT DAVID CARUSO?!
Quote of the day - ...David Caruso (so gross to many, I just don’t get that..)....(

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