Monday, August 18, 2008

David Caruso worst dating choices?

A few days after variouses media sources reported that David Caruso is dating Vivica Fox a poll was started.
Only three days after the poll was first published we are able to detect a certain trend . The readers/visitors/fans/detractors are asked to name David Caruso's worst dating choice within the last month.
Not surprisingly unknown Background Extra Amina Islam is in the lead. True to his character David Caruso dumped the wannabe actress only 4 months after he started dating her. Well, the poll will run for two months. Enough time to vote.
You have an opinion about David Caruso's dating choices Don't be shy and let us know!
Remember - David Caruso does it and WE talk about it.......

Quote of the day - David Caruso is apparently a better actor when the audience has to read subtitles instead of listening to him.....(

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