Thursday, August 7, 2008

David Caruso - Dead Man Acting...

An episode of CSI: Miami was reportedly written around Nirvana songs, but when the episode aired, the Nirvana music was suspiciously absent. Producers said the songs just didn't fit creatively — maybe David Caruso just couldn't come up with a good Nirvana song pun to use as he removed his sunglasses in the show's clich├ęd opening — but some have speculated that the rights owners may have had second thoughts. I mean, it is an awful show (mostly because of Caruso)....
Don Johnson could take over David Caruso's role in CSI Miami. He'd be a regular shoe-in. David Caruso could be killed off. Heck, his acting is dead anyways.
David Caruso uses the one, honed acting style he displays on NYPD Blue and CSI: Miamifreezing his entire face and using his voice like a scalpel, to dig into words and slice hard, thin layers off his lines. The technique hasn't changed for a decade.
He says his lines with such a damn over-dramatic serious tone I just want to slap him and ruffle up his hair.

The only guy who ought to be wearing sunglasses indoors is David Caruso, and David Caruso's a tool ....
Quote of the day.....a ballistics expert on CSI: Crazy David Caruso. (

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