Thursday, July 31, 2008

David Caruso makes you stupid!

I've been a fan of the original CSI series for a while, and even tried to watch the NY version (without a lot of luck) but CSI:Miami has got to be the worst show on televison EVER!!
And the main reason?
David "I only stand like this, and talk like this one way ...ever" Caruso! He speaks in "one liners" and they are absolute rubbish. I've only watched about 5 minutes of CSI:Miami ever, and David Caruso was so bad I couldn't watch any more.
He's awful!
David Caruso - I'm not sure if that is his character - or just a lack of acting ability - but it is ridiculous!! Not to mention those sunglasses... day/night, indoor/outdoor - it makes little difference, they are always on!
....For me the real motivating factor is my personal frustration with David Caruso. An award should be given to David Caruso for the worst melodramatic actor or the most stupid one liners given in a single episode. I’d like to blame the writers for CSI Miami for only writing stupid dialog for this character, but I’d be surprised if David Caruso could deliver anything more complicated.
Quote of the day - ...You don't need jaded stalkers in order to get the Caruso bashing going on a blog. Caruso gets it started by being Caruso. ...(

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