Friday, June 13, 2008

...and David Caruso is still one ugly fucker.

The following is a fellow poster expressing his opinion about David Caruso. We have to admit, we like it a lot. It is funny, witty, entertaining. Besides, a feel never truer statement was made....

.......there's David Caruso-in the blazing Miami sun, in the sand, wearing a black suit. Nobody on the show has figured how incongruous that is? I am an avid CSI fan but for some reason cannot stand CSI: Miami. Maybe it's my utter hatred for David Caruso that does it, but I watched a couple of episodes and could barely make it through them. Funny, I liked David Caruso on NYPD Blue until he blew it and left to nothing.
He truly is a horrible actor. Gag worthy even

David Caruso
has created a caricature of himself in this show. His pseudo-intensity is almost laughable.

is such a fucking over-acting piece of shit.
And he's ugly too.

It's gotten to the point
even the commercials for the show make me want to puke and poke my eyes out. I can't believe that someone hates me enough to keep his sorry ass on TV.

Please TV Gods have his character killed off and spare me from seeing his ugly craptastic mug again.

Obviously the sunglasses and hip moves can be blamed on the director b/c if it's David Caruso doing that naturally he/she could tell him to stop.Who knows..but the awkward way of speaking that seems so unnatural and like pointed out above, overacted......


Quote of the day:
Thanks PVS ya just reminded me how much I hate David Caruso and how crappy an actor he really is !!! Cool links !!!(

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