Tuesday, June 17, 2008

William Peterson kicks David Caruso's scrawny ass!

Finally! It is about time!
We always knew that CSI was the better show - better actors, better story-lines, a much better lead. Just the image of William Petersen kicking David Caruso's scrawny white butt makes us smile...

....It’s official. David Caruso’s eyeglass-wearing, sideways-posing Horatio Caine and CSI Miami has been knocked off the top of the list of the most popular shows in THE WORLD. The news is enough to crack Horatio’s sunglasses, or at least create a minor earthquake in David Caruso’s me-niverse. The source??? The renowned New York Post!!! YEEAAAAHHH (http://www.nypost.com/seven/06172008/tv/csi_earths_no__1_show_115835.htm) and a webpage called (http://iliketowatchtv.blogspot.com/2008/06/csi-dethrones-csi-miami-as-1-in-world.html)

'CSI" is officially the most popular TV show on the planet.
According to a new study, nearly 84 million viewers around the globe watched the CBS crime drama in 2007.
It beat out its sequel, "CSI: Miami," and "House," according to the ratings firm Eurodata, which ranks shows by their worldwide ratings.
With 61.5 million viewers, "Desperate Housewives" snagged the title of top comedy, while "The Bold and the Beautiful" was dubbed the most-watched soap in the world (26.2 million viewers).
The biggest show in the US, "American Idol," did not place because different versions of it are seen in different countries.
"CSI" debuted in 2000 and has been renewed for a ninth season. It follows a group of Las Vegas crime scene investigators who use science and high-tech gizmos to solve grisly murders.
It has spawned two popular spinoffs so far, "CSI: Miami" and "CSI: New York.


Quote of the day: Best Actor in a Comedy.......don't forget about David Caruso. Wait, he's not trying to be funny?...


kay said...

IMHO, I always knew CSI[Vegas] was the best.William Petersen can show more emotion with a quirk of his brow, than David Caruso can do with his whole body. As for the shows, there aint nothing like the real thing!!

Cole said...

YUP! CSI is the best - no matter what. CSI Miami is just pretty pictures ...