Tuesday, June 24, 2008

David Caruso the worst actor of all time...

...because - and how can we POSSIBLY NOT AGREE to all those good reasons mentioned below???? - they are spot on....and hilariously funny....
  • hes nasty ginger uggs
  • he is really good at taking off his sunglasses, though
  • I hate hate hate him. How the ugly non-talented troll ever broke into Hollywood is beyond me.
  • I can't stand to even look at him much less watch any show he's on.
  • why can't he hold his damn head up straight?
  • Hudson Hawk gave him the perfect dialogue
  • ::removes sunglasses slowly:: Why yes he is.
  • I think I'm gonna take up acting, I could not be any worse than this guy
  • David Caruso is the reason I never got into NYPD Blue. He's horrendous
  • I attach to cop shows immediately but not NYPD Blue soley because I couldn't stand Caruso
  • I think caruso is worse than all of these. Maybe not by much but still worse. The only way csi miami is even watchable is as a mst3k kind of format where you just laugh at all the badness.
  • "What should I do? I am a grown man with red hair."Does no one but me find this Caruso quote fucking hilarious? What a socially retarded freak.

Quote of the day:
I bet if you were to ask Caruso what exactly the company he does he would say the same thing over, it’s making things “generally easier.” I think the other two founders have made him a note card with what to say. (http://r3fresh.com/2008/06/23/what-the-hell-is-lexicon-digital/)

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