Wednesday, June 11, 2008

David Caruso - Oral fixation

Many viewers have been asking for years now WHY David Caruso's one-liners are SO RIDICULOUSLY BAD.
We found this blurb on the net which might give an explanation as to why those shitty one-liners are a constant source of amusement to everyone who takes the time to watch the crap that is CSI Miami:

...On set, Caruso is fixated on finding a very particular groove for Caine.
In between sips of diet Coke, he ranges freely through his dialogue, often re-inventing it outright. The rest of the cast delivers the script exactly as written; Caruso shuffles his lines or simply re-writes them on the fly.

The infamous one-liners that close the tease of each episode are rarely – if ever – delivered as scripted.
During my time producing promos for the show, I don’t remember the quip from the shooting script ever remotely matching what Caruso delivered on set.

My favorite moment from the dailies happened while shooting on location. Normally, when he loses his flow, Caruso will cut his own take with a shake of his head and a call for some diet Coke. Only this once, Caruso blanked mid-take and called out to the script supervisor for his next line.

Off-camera, a voice shouts “Frank, it looks like homicide.”

Not a half-second later, Caruso said “This looks like murder, Frank.”...


Honestly, we do wonder if Caruso's "blanks" are a direct result of too much screwing around off camera or due to too much Diet-Coke...LOL!


Quote of the day: The most hilarious thing is that in interviews, Caruso's so goddamn serious about his in-series shtick.

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