Wednesday, June 25, 2008

David Caruso - Scrawny Butt

....And taking over this spot next week is none other that Mr. Macho, David Caruso and his bunch of CSI Misfits!
Don't get me wrong, I like CSI but somehow CSI Miami is not on my list of favourites. I watch it and all that but I'd much rather they show something else. David Caruso just gets on my nerves with his crooked neck look ... LOL!

CSI: Miami
- Caruso is painful and the rest of the cast delivers an unmemorable performace. By far the worst of the CSIs. Caruso's career ended the day after he left NYPD Blue.

Caruso playing a tough guy cop makes me laugh. Any real life pick pocket or shoplifter ‘criminal’ type would kick his scrawny butt all over Miami, while the rest of the crew laughs themselves silly
David soon as his name surfaced when the Miami version was new..My wife said watch the good actors get squeezed out and all they'll have left is Caruso. I love the original CSI and Miami is OK too if you kind of tune out David Caruso....


Quote of the day:
......Here’s hoping that they get good actors too.. Caruso is just not that great, really. (

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