Friday, June 13, 2008

David Caruso's fetish

From the vast resources of the Internet.... we stumpled upon the above two comics. They are hilariously funny. Someone seems to know David Caruso very intimately...LOL

I think David Caruso, needs to get over his new shoes, he must wear a new pair each week, and he is so proud of them, he can't keep his eyes off them, and when he turns his head to chat with some one else he always checks out their shoes too. What do you think, maybe he should go bare footed???
Honestly, I always thought he had to do that to disguise his laughter from the ridiculous lines. I've tried to do his dialogue with a straight face.
It is very difficult.
I bet Jimmy Fallon is in awe of
David Caruso.
I envision that David Caruso is exactly like his character on that first maybe not, but now he thinks that character is cool so that is what he is, even off camera. At home dialogue: "No honey," glasses being put on, "that chicken is done, YEEEEEAAAAAAHHHH!!"
Does it surprise anyone that David Caruso is divorced three times???


Quote of the day:
The Carrot Top of Method actors, he needs vivid supporting players to prevent the series from becoming an exhausting one-man show...(.,,289686,00.html)

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