Wednesday, June 18, 2008

David Caruso's acting juice... (not THAT one!)

Oldies but goldies.
We found the following hiariously funny post on the
It is so good that we just had to put it up here again!
It is snarking time!!!

"....He can’t walk and talk at the same time (you should see him on stairs), requires dozens of takes for simplest line-readings (which as we all know, he can only do one way), and can’t even put his CSI gloves on on-camera (always a time cut, just watch). He will cuss uncontrollably (often in front of a child actor) and blame everyone but himself for his inability to act. He used to hack up big loogies on the floor of the set, too, until a producer gently reminded him of sanitation and courtesy. Oh, and he re-writes every scene he is in, so he is totally to blame for the hackneyed one-liners. He will take anything the writers give him, and destroy it. And the sunglass bit is all his, a truly innovative contribution to his character. But as he said to us many times, “What should I do? I am a grown man with red hair.”

We used to call the diet coke his “acting juice.”..."

Quote of the day: . Who is the UGLIEST celebrity Dad? David Caruso - no one should dye their hair that color, Horatio - and it doesn’t take a CSI to figure that out, either.

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