Sunday, June 15, 2008

...and deliver us from David Caruso....

David Caruso destroys the show with his extreme bad acting, he goes too far into the role. His posturing is growing old.
David Caruso
, (FINALLY able to settle in a spot almost a decade after hitting it big on "NYPD Blue") gives an unspeakably terrible performance as the smug Horatio Caine; David Caruso's Caine is wooden (passing as "impenetrable").

David Caruso is just unbelievably BAD
. I'd only seen him in a movie (Proof of Life), in which he also stunk up the place - just really bad, so at least he's consistent.

David Caruso chews the scenery shamelessly
, acts like a demigod, and is in general so obnoxious, overblown and outrageously excessive that the viewer doesn't know whether to incredulously shake his head or to laugh at the sheer absurdity of this performance.....


Quote of the day: ....on a quest to win the David Caruso honorary award for Biting The Hand That Feeds You. While Caruso famously left NYPD Blue because he felt it was holding him back only to wallow in obscurity for the next decade...

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