Thursday, June 5, 2008

David Caruso - Script killer

Actually i heard, and- i do not know if this is true if you know please tell me - that david caruso has final say on all the scripts on csi maimi. Dear lord, if this is true then maybe it's not the writers fault but caruso's fault, in which case he is clearly as gifted at writing as he is at 'acting'.

....As for the 'lady killer' part he may be a 'killer' at a lot of things, one of them possibly a script killer, but i really don't feature too many ladies lining up for his attentions and honestly if i were a damsel in distress i think i might stand a better chance on my own than with his 'protective services'. If i had to put up with him i might save the bad guys the trouble and off myself.

I do use the term acting very loosely in regards to david caruso. They should change the name of the show to the horatio-caine-show, or david caruso's sappy soap hour......
I think one should be offered the Congressional Medal of Honour if you are expected to look directly at DavidCaruso for any longer than I minute. ....

Quote of the day:’ll have an uncle who can get you a job as a production assistant on CSI Miami, where your time will be spent making coffee runs and finding whores that will let David Caruso pee on them. (

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