Tuesday, June 24, 2008

David Caruso - WTF? Lexicon Digital?

We found another critical blog-entry about Caruso's start-up "Lexicon-Digital" which is worth mentioning.
In the beautiful Seattle airport last weekend and I decided to purchase the most current issue of WIRED. Browsing through the countless hard liquor ads I found a celebrity startup section about half way through. To my surprise, the beloved David Caruso of CSI: Miami fame has a startup called Lexicon Digital.
Now if you watch CSI: Miami you’ll know David Caruso plays a total cheesebag investigator who has difficulty keeping his shades on. From what I’ve come to know of Caruso, I was expecting Lexicon Digital to be very interesting.
Since I’m having trouble trying to figure out what the company actually does so I went directly to the source (Lexicon Digital) to clear things up....
From the description it sounds like a video distribution service that will work on multiple platforms with some sort of real-time editing. It doesn’t sound like anything new; hello Revision3, Hulu, YouTube.....
To further clear up the confusion, the co-founders did multiple CES interviews promoting the company.
Wow! After listening to Caruso I totally get it.
It’s going to make things “generally easier.”
What’s going to be “generally easier?”
I don’t know because it’s a “secret,” but it sounds like the founders don’t even know what’s going on. I have a feeling Caruso is only there to help put attention on the company.

It’s not over! Lexicon Digital even made this really pointless video that make ZERO sense. The video’s like watching an episode of CSI: Miami after taking a little too much NyQuil.
After going through all of the information, Lexicon Digital wants to be the bullet that kills TV. Sadly, I think that bullet will ricochet and kill Lexicon Digital.


Quote of the day:
I smell a Ray Ban ad with David Caruso on it. God, no. (http://sabstestkitchen.blogspot.com/2008/06/in-love-with-horatio.html)

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