Sunday, June 1, 2008

David Caruso, the human "black hole"!

David Caruso is awful.
He tries to be all intense but he doesn't appear to have the faculties to understand when he should turn it off. The result is red-headed
cheese from start to finish.
Horatio is a chump.
Seriously... I think David Caruso is a bad, bad actor. I usually watch CSI Miami for the humor aspect that is known as his acting. Terrible, terrible.
Caruso is horrible and i think the writers must hate him seeing how cheesy his dialog is. he also has that bad "Shatner" delivery with a pause in the middle of complete thoughts.
What a dork. We call him "Tomahto" and not only because of his red hair.
He is like a human black hole, he just sucks in all the air. He's insufferable...........

Quote of the day: David Caruso - I get that he is a ridiculousness doofis. Just try to appreciate his absurdity.....( )

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