Friday, June 6, 2008

David Caruso - Ginger wrinkle-head

What grinds my gears! the moment David Caruso what a sickner.
I've had several conversations about him and his husky whispering, ever notice the way people will turn around and he'll just be staring at the ground, then he'll look up at them with his ginger wrinkly head at a bit of an angle... tilted slightly if you will ... and then try to give em a meaningful stare, while delivering (what he believes) is a smooth line.
What a bollocks!

CSI Miami - actually the whole show- is a pile of horse shit. Standard episode goes " look i've found a piece of glass/dirt/fibre and there is only one place you can find it!" mystery solved. Plus every suspect they bring in "breaks" after around 1 question and just spill there guts. perhaps its because of "horatios" (or "h" as his buddies call him. what shit) interrogation stare.
David Caruso
tilts his head an extra 4 degrees ya see.
David Caruso some kind of a ginger hero? Na, he is just a plank with a rusty nail on top.......

Quote of the day: David Caruso's Horatio in a knife fight. You have to see it. I could describe him as a retarded monkey, but that would make it sound cooler than it is. He still tilts his head to one side and still gives a dramatic one-liner as he stabs some guy to death. (

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