Thursday, June 12, 2008

David Caruso - Most over-rated under-talented actor

....but then again I thought CSI:Miami would be good to and boy did David Caruso ruin that....
I have been watching first season NYPD Blue lately and I have come the conclusion that
Caruso is the most overrated under talented actor in Hollywood. In NYPD Blue his faults were covered by great writing but here he has no such writing and his horrible acting is killing this show.

Of all the CSI shows currently available, the worst is CSI:Miami with that red-haired Caruso guy. His style is so monochromatic and humorless that it’s too painful to bear. I don’t think the tone of his voice or the expression on his face ever really changes from that “I’m too cool, introspective and insightful”-facade.
There's something I can't stand about
David Caruso - He is such a drama king. He thinks he is so hot the way he always stands with his legs apart in so many scenes and looking over his glasses as if he is God's gift to woman.
He turns me off and I hate
red hair.


Quote of the day: Why is David Caruso, a no talent hack, still employed? Do we need 18 CSI’s?

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