Tuesday, June 3, 2008

David Caruso - Geriatric firecrotch!

Redhead is an affliction in the penis due to excessive beating off thus resulting in a throbbing redhead....LOL

David Caruso is an arrogant bastard, and it comes through in his horrendous acting!
*He's ugly too!
*Oh, and short!
*Oh, and he is a megalomaniac!
*Oh, and his voice is so fake!

Jim Carey calls him the "scene buttoner".
I just have to avert my eyes when Horatio Hornblower shows up. Not to knock the Shat, but there is something a little 'Captain Kirk'-ish in the way Caruso delivers his lines that rubs me the wrong way....(desperately tries to wipe the mental image of Caruso rubbing her ANY sort of way out of her mind)

Everytime David Caruso opens his mouth I hear the screams of a thousand dying doves. Ugh - the first time I heard David Caruso say "Marisol" on CSI:Miami with a forced Latin accent I wanted to smack him in his red head. I wonder if Mr. Caruso's carpet matches the curtains, though?
Anything with
David Caruso in it has got to be a stinker. .
firecrotch sucks the big one


Quote of the day: EWWWWWWW! It's geriatric"FIRECROTCH"!

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