Sunday, June 1, 2008

David Caruso - Pretentious little fucker.

David Caruso, the man who stars in CSI:Miami also starred in NYPD Blue and was a bit player in Hill Street Blues for a few years and made a series of truly awful films. Today he thanks God on bended knee every morning that he's drawing a good paycheck again for his nominal acting skills.

Somebody needs to tell this no-talent moron that standing at an obtuse angle away from what you're supposed to be adressing, cocking your head like a confused dog and either removing or putting on your oh-so-cool sunglasses is NOT acting. Listen, David, you're just not a cool looking or cool acting guy so stop trying so hard. Every time this guy tries to look tough and intimidating all I see is the look of confused cattle.
Large, watery bovine eyes rolling around the guys skull in a spasm of intense idiocy.

Quote of the day: Open letter to David Caruso: "YOU SUCK!!!"

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