Friday, June 20, 2008

David Caruso - Lexicon Digital media-blitz

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz around David Caruso and "Lexicon Digital" However, most of it can be dismissed as PR .
As always, we like to take sides with those who raise critical voices.

Just because a company has David Caruso in it - as CEO, Co-founder or whatever - doesn't mean it automatically will be a success. We all know, that David Caruso is by no means a guarantor for sucess.
After all, he is the "lord of the failures"....

The following are excerpts from a forum of people who deal with those things on a daily basis and who are - naturally - not so enthusiastic about Caruso's new show-piece.
Just don't open the bottle of Champagne yet...

My money is on Lahr being out of a job...


mikedee, I second that notion :-)

if CSI: Miami had only 230 million viewers over the course of a year, I’d be out of a job” says Lahr. “Our goal is a billion people per week”

Of course he can't even count. Thousand, million, billion...who cares. Hey, where's my agent, yo, her can count my moneys! 230 million TV viewers? I actually don't know a single person who watches that crappy show. There's not even that many working TVs.

Sounds like easy money is changing hands. Easy come - easy go.


Might work for adlt content, tho (get rid of exposition, and on with the action...)
or natural history docs, say - you like tigers and only tigers, david C's got the solution for you
Wonder if will also be a chance to boost the colours to CSI Miami style; out with wishy washy pastels


This feels like a proof of concept type project, where the technology needed some content that had a track record of sorts... but I doubt that this kind of content fits with the technology.

I don't know how many ways you can edit outtakes of a scripted TV episodic drama and still hold your audience.

Proof of how lame these assemblies can get (perhaps even test balloons):

CSI Miami - Endless caruso One Liners

CSI Miami: david caruso One Liners II: Sunglasses Edition

From CBS's point of view, this is a test market for their episodic library... probably one among many that we'll see.


Quote of the day:
David Caruso got lucky when he left NYPD Blue for film, and then landed CSI. But he is a guy and looks don't matter as much. (

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tulwave said...

You guys are pretty good over here. I ought use David as an example of a lucky guy more often.