Saturday, June 28, 2008

David Caruso - Greasy mome

I seriously cannot stand Diavid Caruso/Horatio Caine.
As a fan of the original CSI, at first I thought I didn't like him because he just wasn't Grissom, but now that I've given the show a chance, I've just decided he sucks.

I hate the stupid sunglasses gimmick at the beginning of EVERY episode, and his line-before-the-theme-song is always cheesy and ridiculous (At least Grissom quotes something most of the time).
His voice
sounds like he's trying WAY too hard to sound cool and edgy (I've heard that's just his normal voice, but still, it bugs me). He always stands the same way - hands on his hips on his shirt with the jacket behind his arms - and it makes him look simultaneously frumpy and like a greaser poseur.

I seems like every episode I watch is nothing but David Caruso's badly memorized dialogue (you know how WIlliam Shatner pauses funny and talks slowly? David Caruso is like him, but in reverse - dramatic pauses for no reason, but everything else delivered too quickly)


Quote of the day:
....1 Caruso being the amount of pain David Caruso feels when contemplating having voluntarily left NYPD Blue to pursue his "movie career". It's the basic metric of agony.....(


threio said...

I can't stand him either! I don't watch the show, soon as I see his face, I either want to sock the TV or change the channel!

Cole said...

Welcome to the club. A LOT people think this way. He is just a nusiance..