Sunday, June 8, 2008

David Caruso - Quite ugly and not a great male lead...

I've been thinking about tv-shows lately, mainly due too the lack of ones since the strike. There are really good ones like "californication", "jericho" (rest in peace) etc. There are entertaining ones like "stargate" (sg1 and atlantis), "terminator".

And then theres the ultra bad ones like CSI: Miami.

But two things annoy me more than anything. The programs they are using. They take like a 0.5megapixel picture, run it through some uber filters and voila they can see reflections in the eyeballs, pickup fingerprints and whatnot.

And then there is david caruso, a shittier actor is hard to find. Always striking a pose with his sunglasses while spitting out some "cool" cheesy line. Oh and he's an expert marksman...
I'm not a David Caruso fan and, personally, I think he's quite ugly and not a great male lead.
I never though David Caruso was hot with his red hair and now he looks worse since he's older and more wrinkly...

Quote of the day: If you're wondering why red-headed men never become movie stars (unless you count Yosemite Sam), David Caruso has the answer for you; he sticks out here like a carrot on a bed of romaine. (

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