Thursday, June 12, 2008

David Caruso Mind Freak

Some posts are just too good to miss. We are happy to be able to present you with two examples of great David Caruso-snarking-material....LOL...E-N-J-O-Y

Question: Is there a reason why David Caruso tilts his head and talks hesitantly on CSI Miami?

How dare you question Caruso? Have you not seen his work in Jade? Actually he does it because the cue card guy is slightly retarded and he holds the cue cards crooked. LOL
David Caruso Mind Freak:

On the next episode of David Caruso Mind Freak.....Caruso sees things: he could spot colorectal cancer twenty paces away. He is all seeing, whether it is at a crime scene or in an omniscient sense.
Caruso delegates: he might see the cum, but he sure as hell doesn’t touch it. “Skip,” he says, cocking his head and taking off his sunglasses and spotting the semen, “do you see that? Take it to the lab. Bitch”. Also, after he shoots someone in the leg, arm or temple, he gets one of his CSI bitches to actually arrest and deal with them (or put them in body bags).
He can’t be bothered with hand cuffing, “due process” or reading them their “rights”, he’s too busy being putting back on his sunglasses, with the camera always placed at the right position below him.. Or My favorite thousand feet away and a 360 degrees film shot!
Caruso looks down on people: Literally, most of Caruso’s screen time is him staring down on people. There is even a special Caruso-cam that shoots Caruso from underneath, looking up at him in reverence and awe. Whether it be the cameras, the wounded badguys or the viewers alike, people are looking up at Caruso and he stands above them.
I have Horatio Cane issues!!! (Who hasn't???)
Even though his one liners are hysterical... Why oh why must he cock his head like a curious dog and talk in that fake, low, serious voice? I now know why: Caruso has seen his share of ex wives.. LOL

Quote of the day: ...with David's pale complexion, but altogether, it just looks like a violent case of the pukes to us....(Crazy for Caruso -

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