Monday, June 2, 2008

David Caruso is just an idiot

David Caruso - You have to understand his mindset.
He thoroughly believes that he IS Batman. I noticed this a few years ago. Every single pose and quippy one liner he spits out could easily have been done by Batman.
.....Finally, someone else sees the oddness of how he stands and talks to people. No one does that and it just looks ridiculous! I truly dont know how the rest of the cast gets through filming the scenes without busting into hysterical laughter, just looking at him.
Hes done it so much he has that hunched back thing going on now. The on/off sunglasses move is another of his many oddities.....

Unfortunately, the show is built around him.

Quote of the day:
......because D’Onofrio is deep down a nice guy and Caruso is not?



val said...

Oh how I agree with you! David Caruso is pure ham. Vincent D'Onofrio is pure magic.

Cole said...

Onofrio is oscar material compared to douche David Caruso!!