Monday, June 9, 2008

Hack David Caruso

David Caruso and his Sunglasses of Doom.....
I hate CSI Miami because I hate watching that
hack David Caruso, who has to be One of The Worst Television Actors Of All Time (Except Maybe David Hasselhoff). Dude seems to be incapable of looking or acting like a normal person. He's just a caricature of a person.
Yeah why did anyone ever give him a second chance? When he walked away from his first show because of his
enormous ego and failed miserably that should have been it, the next we should have heard from him was when he gets on "Where are they now"????. Aurgh

It took
David Caruso nearly a decade to recover from his bad behavior and money demands on “NYPD Blue.”..Ouch, ouch...



Quote of the day:
However, it can be expected that David Caruso would appear in a critical catastrophe like "Jade". After the bum results of the box-office gross for "Kiss Of Death" aside Nicholas Cage, it was a fatal omen that the red-headed 40-something would retreat into the shadows, never to be seen in film or television for a crudely extended period of time. (

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