Saturday, June 14, 2008

David Caruso's mugging for the camera

...............Every season, we’ve been getting more shows with dialogue-free scenes, and those scenes have become longer and more frequent. You know, those “musical interlude” scenes where the actors walk around and mug for the camera, scenes with no dialogue, scenes the writers didn’t write, because there’s nothing to write other than “mug here” or “put on Sunglasses of Justice here” or “set jaw and look intent here” or “look up into the camera as it zooms in here” or “twiddle thumbs to muzak here.”

It started with
CSI: Miami, when there would be at least two muzak scenes of nothing but David Caruso (and the Sunglasses of Justice) mugging for the camera; then, to make them seem more substantial (I suppose), they would have several simultaneous content-free mugging-to-muzak scenes, on a split screen. But it’s not the only one.
Cold Case
, a show I have grown almost to despise (give me another season, and it will have me throwing things at the television), has more and more of these, except instead of David Caruso, it’s Lily and her one-eyed (disenfranchised! disempowered! oppressed!) cat, or her partner, whatever his name is, looking sad or intense or bored, all to muzak that the band can’t sell....
And when they do write,
they give us crap like, “I always [insert dra-may-tic pause here as David Caruso puts on the Sunglasses of Justice and mugs for the camera] do the right [insert another dra-may-tic pause as he mugs again] thing, [insert yet a third dra-may-tic pause as the camera zooms in on Caruso and the Sunglasses of Justice] Mr. Parker.”........

Quote of the day:
HOW could David Caruso's television fans have been surprised at his decision to leave a hit series, "N.Y.P.D. Blue," in a less than decorous way? That face speaks volumes, and it's the face of a grapefruit-smashing tough guy, not a gentleman.Giving Mr. Caruso a gun is needlessly redundant. He's his own most dangerous weapon.
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