Monday, June 16, 2008

Beware of the David-Caruso-Syndrome!!!

First of all - dear Katherine Heigl - we LOVE to watch you on "Grey's Anatomy". We like your character. We cried and we laughed with you. We would love to see you in an another season. Be a smart girl, don't bite the hand that feeds you...

... OR ....Do you really want to end like David Caruso who still hasn't learned his lesson....? YUCK!!!

".....Lots of actors want a movie career, but she should keep one person in mind; David Caruso. I don't think he even trashed the writers of NYPD Blue, but he had a good 1st season and fancied himself a movie star.
Know what happened? He left the show, which continued on for about another 12 seasons, and starred in a movie called "Kiss of Death" and it fucking died at the box office. He struggled in "no-one-gives-a-shit-about-you-land" for several years until he landed a piggyback hit- CSI: Miami. Well he sucks on that show. He sucks bad. Has he learned his lesson? No. By all accounts, (I've read a bunch, and heard second hand from people who've guest starred and worked on the show) he's a total pain in the ass on the show to everyone around him....."


Quote of the day:
igital does not improve David Caruso’s acting on CSI: Miami....

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