Wednesday, June 4, 2008

David Caruso - What's wrong with David Caruso's head?

It happened once again!
One of those blog entries we just can't get past. One of those blog entries which are just too good to miss.

What is wrong with David Caruso's head?


Maybe the problem is not his head, maybe it's his neck - it seems to have trouble holding his head upright. Have you ever noticed this? Good lord - it's like the man is simply unable to bear the weight of his own head.

For example.
And if you have ever seen CSI: Miami (and I have seen several episodes over the last several days) you might have noticed this head tilt. The above pictures is just a small example - give the show about 4 minutes, and chances are you'll notice it... over and over again.
I've been sitting here riveted to my couch (ok, well, riveted is a bit of an overstatement - perhaps "medicated to my couch" is more accurate) watching stupid rerun after rerun of this show, and all I can say is, "wow, that man really can't act. He can tilt his head and take off his sunglasses, but wow, he can't act."

Quote of the day: David Caruso is still alive? Huh.

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