Friday, June 27, 2008

RE: David Caruso......

re; David Caruso. Can anybody tell me....
What the appeal is?
He looks like a leprechaun and he's a pitiful actor. I might actually watch CSI MIami if it wasn't for him.


Episode "Manhattan Manhunt"
- That episode is great for many reasons but mostly because it is a crossover ep with CSI:Miami (which I LOATHE) and it PROOFES that David Caruso sucks even more when he has to act along side the great Gary Sinise.

I hate CSI:Miami. So stupid.
Regular CSI, sure. I enjoy. I don't watch it religiously like NY, but I like it...George Eads makes it worth watching. But Miami? I could care less about their characters. I've TRIED to watch it, but they just aren't likeable to me.


Quote of the day:
The charms and/or supposed acting virtuosity of Mr. Caruso has always been completely, totally, and utterly lost on me, from day one....(

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