Monday, June 9, 2008

David Caruso - Sex scenes and a bit more...

For all those out there, who just can't get enough of it and who think David Caruso is the shit (one way or the other). here's a little compilation of his SEX-scenes on NYDP-Blue.
While nothing special, we would love to remark.......couldn't AMY BRENNEMAN have worn a more fancy underwear...uhm like lingerie? You see, those cotton-white-panties are kind of off-turning and un-sexy...

According to David Caruso Amy Brenneman declined to wear protective plastic covering her private parts when she and Caruso filmed those scenes.
We do wonder if Brenneman would change her mind if she had to film those scenes TODAY. With the frequent changes of girl-friends David Caruso had lately....risky business....LOL

Quote of the day:
Lock up your kids, pets, and anything with a hole, here comes the salami faced pervert! HOW SICK! (

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