Tuesday, June 17, 2008

David Caruso - David Caruso's a douche.

David Caruso's a douche.
Or rather, his gingerbread policecop Horatio Caine is. He never looks at the person he's talking to until he's done talking. For one, that's just rude, and secondly, it's bad acting.
The one
stance with his hands on his his hips the cheesy tough guy one-liners and the trademark sunglasses maneuver makes Adam Sandler seem like a genius compared to this guy. And he's really not. He’s quite retarded. His whole persona and character is so poorly written it's astonishing.
Collecting evidence and analyzing DNA, that's for
pussies! This guy, he storms terrorist camps, parks cars AND treats the gang on extra drinks on bowling night.
He's like a fucking army crammed into one. If I could, I would murder-rape that show and shoot a big wad of sticky white goo in that bright red hair of his!
How's that for evidence?



Quote of the day:
....Just ask CSI: Miami star and movie star reject David Caruso.....

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