Saturday, June 21, 2008

David Caruso - The one that ruins it

Our sincerest apology to the original poster of this GREAT PIECE OF WORK. We just had it to add it to our collection. Great work!
David Caruso (Horatio Caine on CSI: Miami) is known for his gritty performance, his pulling down of his sunglasses and now, at least in my book, his ruining of CSI: Miami. David Caruso was cast to play the part of Horatio Caine, a hard-lined CSI/Cop who drives a Hummer 2. HAHAHAHA. Sorry, that last part really makes me laugh. As if the Miami-Dade Police Department can afford that for their budget. But that’s really beside my point.

David Caruso basically has three ways of acting.

  • Low voice, asking questions.
  • Pulling down his shades to try to get to a suspect.
  • He acts like a cop, when he is in fact a CSI.

I can deal with everything including the fucking Humvee. What I can’t deal with is David Caruso’s one-dimensional acting spectrum. From episode to episode, he uses the same tone of voice: irritated, contemplative and ‘cool.’ Even when there’s an episode that’s supposed to affect his character negatively, he stays rigidly in ‘David Caruso Character’ (you can also witness this performance abortion in NYPD Blue before he thought he was a fucking movie star).

David Caruso is a terrible, one-dimensional, hackneyed actor who needs to either hone up on his skills, find a new methodology, or quit. He sucks, and I’m not sorry to say it.

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