Sunday, June 1, 2008

Let's kick David Caruso!

There are blogging-GEMS out there we just can't ignore. They are intelligent, witty and a pleasure to read. Like the following. Enjoy!
I already didn't like CSI, but CSI Miami with David Caruso was like poison to me. He is ginger-vitis and wooden acting at it's worst. Caruso has been the bane of my existence since he was on NYPD Blue. I've never heard such a bad actor on television.
What a twat!

The three-quarter profile while the cocks his stupid neck and uses that absurd acting voice. Then he'll shift to his opposite profile and finish the line. The fact that he's still on tv should be the lead story on the evening news of every major network.
As a matter of fact David Caruso's only good acting was as "Kit Kat" in Hudson Hawk. Personally, any role that does not require David to speak, is an excellent role for him.


Quote of the day: David Caruso, ...he's not exactly a great actor, Besides...Someone needs to give him a serious kicking.

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