Wednesday, June 25, 2008

David Caruso's unique beach fashion

We know it is summer.
We know it is hot.

And we know, that not everybody can be George Clooney and ALWAYS wear the right things at the right time. This time we our main topic is BEACHWEAR.

After we were presented yesterday with the latest David Caruso-plus-tart-on-Miami-Beach-show we decided to take a closer look at David Caruso's swim-wear du jour. To us it looks like that his leisure wear reflectes his choice of women - Cheap/Cheaper/Embarrassing.

Now, bear with us and take a very good look at the above pictures....

Do you notice a similarity (and we don't mean his cap)?
If yes, let us will win NOTHING except the realization that David Caruso seems to have NO STYLE at all - be it leisure wear or women...LOL

Picture 1: 2004

Picture 2: 2005

Picture 3: 2005

Picture 4: 2006

Picture 5: 2007
Picture 6: 2008

Quote of the day: ....
Not only that but David Caruso can't speak or make a point without whipping off his sunglasses. He must also have a vision problem as well.... (

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