Monday, June 9, 2008

David Caruso - Watch and learn!

I am not a big fan of David Caruso.
If point of fact, there is only one movie that I have seen him in where I truly like his acting, and that is in the role of “Kit Kat” in Hudson Hawk. If you have not seen this movie, then you must. The movie has no intrinsic redeeming qualities except that it is a fun watch..

Things I have learned from watching David Caruso..

  1. No matter how bad I think my life is, I can always watch David Caruso.
  2. Cocking your head at a 45 degree angle has the dual effect of making you look like an escapee from the “short bus” or someone who has chronic cervical vertebra problems.
  3. Glasses are only for looking looking kewl going on or off.
  4. There are certain people that cannot make the Akimbo thing work, no matter how cool they think they are.
  5. If you are prone to using little on-line quips, make sure that you, or your writer, has a sense of Irony, humor or at least has practiced one-liners at some point in their life.
In short:
David Caruso.
...This guy just exudes self-love. He probably wishes he had a clone so he could
marry himself. Unfortunately he lacks both the talent and the looks to match his enormous ego.....

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Quote of the day:
"David "Who Needs NYPD Blue" Caruso in no leading man....." (


Samuel "Samurai" Wright III said...

Thanks for the coverage of my piece on your site, I do appreciate it.

Cole said...

Your welcome! It is just too good to miss...