Sunday, June 22, 2008

David Caruso - Paparazzi attacked!!!!

Vicious and unnecessary paparazzi attack!
A group of surfer dudes in Malibu with shit for brains beat up a group of 5 paprazzi who were only doing their jobs.

WITHOUT PAPARAZZI David Caruso's overinflated ego wouldn't get its daily needed boost
and no one would see pictures of him and his Indian/Pakistani/AlQuaida-toy in Rome.

need paparazzi and vice versa.
And please, don't talk about "paparazzi victims". There aren't any. Public life, public person, public domain. BOTH sides profit nicely from each other......

If anyone recognize this fat Ass let us know and contact us This dickhead commit assault in gang with 25 of his retarded friends against 5 poor Paparazzi who were doing their job in Malibu Money doesn't help in Malibu, those kids have nothing to do in their lives except drinking on the beach at 2PM spending their parents money and harassing workers You have to know that this little community is a shithole and i don't believe that the cop are going to investigate seriously They have to protect their rich residents FUCK Malibu


Quote of the day: "....
limiting their opportunities to “quit to do real work in the movies” (looking at you, David Caruso)...." (Celebrity Morgue -


Adrian Dan said...

Yea but what if the celebrities LITERALLY dont wanna be famouse, just make films??

Cole said...

HUH? I doubt that. They make movies to be famous.
And the media is an important part of the business. So you better accept it or just look for another job.