Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fashion-accident David Caruso

We just can't let it go.

WE know we have been talking about it for ages now. Bear with us - just for one more time.
Just recently, sombody commented that "David Caruso is a walking fashion-accident".
Looking at the pictures above we tend to agree.
We just can't decide which one of the shirts is the worst.

The Brioni? OR The bananas-in-pyamas-yellow striped one?

Thankfully, on the set of CSi Miami he has people who to tell him what to wear and when.
Off camera, a fashion-assistant/personal shopper is highly needed.

We hear that David Caruso went through three personal assistants since filming CSi Miami. Maybe investing some money into someone who knows a thing or two about fashion/leisure wear wouldn't be such a bad idea....

Memo to David Caruso - Fine feathers make fine birds.

Quote of the day: .......CSI Miami negotiates the gray area between serious drama and super hero sci-fi so badly that they may as well just give David Caruso a cape and have him fly from scene to scene.David Caruso's performance makes a spoof of the whole show....... (

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